Sunday, May 25, 2008

Moving the Finish Line

Well the goal is to update this blog every week, but with all the towering piles of papers looming over our heads and the wads of sticky notes with to-do-lists that we find adhering themeselves to all stickable surfaces, it is easy for a week to pass by like a blur before our eyes.
Here is the update for this week, we are now working on the dossier, the USCIS application, and the home study simultaneoulsy. The good news is that we were told once our dossier is submitted ( hopefully in a month or two ) and approved that we have about a month until we make our first trip to Russia. The bad news is that after our dossier is submitted, we have about a month until we make our first trip to Russia. Yeah, its the same news. The prospect of getting to meet our little dude before the summer is over is very exciting, even as the funding is extremely questionable. I am just trusting that God has this figured out. We are trying to do some fundraisers but logistically it is a little difficult to balance out the cost of materials against the amount we get to actually put into our adoption fund. For example, we want to do a large scale spaghetti dinner with entertainment but by the time you rent a facility and materials, etc... you could be taking a good chunk out of the proceeds. Once we have this all figured out though we plan on organizing a ministry that would help others in the postition we find ourselves in now. So the future looks bright, the present is just a little overcast. I have a feeling until then that ebay and I are going to become good friends. Anyone want to buy all my junk?
It feels like we are running a race and someone has just moved up the finish line, but it also feels like both of my shoes are untied.

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